The Best Pizza with One Ingredient

pizza at pw pizza

If you want the best pizza in St. Louis, then you’ve got to use the best ingredients! There is one ingredient that when picked straight from the garden will completely change how you taste your pizza!

This fast-growing bushel is easy to maintain and its sweet aroma is unforgettable. Whether it’s for pizza, pasta or the top to a chicken dish, this versatile herb is an absolute game changer: fresh basil!

“Like many pizza ingredients, basil picked straight from the plant is crisp and has better flavor,” says Sarah Buettner, General Manager of PW Pizza. “Especially when it comes down to a pizza like a margherita, where basil is one of the main players.”

Any fresh ingredient is going to up the ante, and make the best pizza. “When in season, try to use picked-from-the-vine tomatoes,” says Buettner. PW chefs and staff maintain a garden specifically for this purpose. When garden ingredients are ripe and available, PW uses these ingredients on the pizzas in the restaurant. “Fresh ingredients just keep crisper when cooked in the oven, are brighter in color and ultimately, look better.”

Not only will your pizza taste better, but with brighter colors, you can be your pizza will be Instagram-worthy!

The consensus is simple: fresh ingredients will give you the best pizza!

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