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The United States has several varieties of what we consider to be pizza. In St. Louis, we are constantly going back and forth over ever-growing debate surrounding St. Louis-style pizza, with provel cheese and thin crust.

Since PW Pizza is artisanal St. Louis pizza – it’s made here in the heart of Lafayette Square in St. Louis – we thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the main types of pizza found around the country.


Considered the top dog of all pizza varieties, the crust is hand kneaded, the sauce handmade and the most basic of items, tomato, mozzarella, and basil (for a Margherita) complete this pizza.

New York-Style Pizza

Originating in the Big Apple, New York-style pizza is known for its large, foldable slices. New Yorkers swear that part of NY-style pizza is the water used from the public facilities (a similar claim is made about their bagels). Don’t expect too many toppings! NY-style pizza considers one to two, more than enough.

Chicago Deep Dish

Cooked in a deep-dish pizza pan (where it gets its namesake), Chicago deep dish requires a knife and fork, giving it an almost lasagna-like feel. The pizza is stuffed with layers of toppings and cheese. Don’t be surprised if one piece fills you up! This pizza is known for being heavy and filling.


Known for its adventurous take on pizza, California-style pizza is known for starting the gourmet pizza trend. Its toppings are typically non-traditional. Any crust, any sauce, any toppings are all fair game for a California-style pizza!

St. Louis-style Pizza or St. Louis Pizza

Thin crust and provel cheese! Here in St. Louis, what has become known as St. Louis-style comes from a yeast-less, cracker-like crust. Provel cheese is only found in St. Louis, making it even more specific to this style of pizza.

Colorado-style Pizza

While not technically considered its own style by the pizza experts, the people of Beau Jo’s in Denver take dessert crust to a new level. Their serving sizes are huge! Once you work your way through the toppings and cheese, you encounter a thick, dense but yeast-lifted crust. Take your crust and just add honey. What you now have is a sweet dessert!

So where does PW Pizza fall in this spectrum?

Although we are St. Louis pizza, don’t confuse that with St. Louis-style pizza. Our crust in akin to Neapolitan-style pizza, as we hand knead and toss our crust giving it a nice lift when cooked. Our sauce and topping choices come close to a California-style pizza. Which sauce to use on our pizza depends on the toppings we choose. Take our Arizona or Pulled Piggy pizzas. The Arizona uses a sun-dried tomato pesto as the sauce and the Pulled Piggy uses BBQ. This allows us to fully blend all of the flavors we are trying to achieve!

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