Looking for the Best Gluten-Free Crust for Pizza?

gluten free crust at pw pizza

Are you looking for the best gluten-free pizza in St. Louis? Well, look no further! PW Pizza prides itself on exquisite gluten-free crust!
Here at PW Pizza, any of our amazing artisan pizzas can be made on a gluten-free crust. Our gluten free crust is a thinner variety, giving you that St. Louis-style thin crust you crave, but with the same excellent flavor and quality expected from PW.

But what’s the best part about it? The gluten-free crust at PW Pizza comes with the same great flavor of our traditional, hand-tossed pizza dough.

Step up your pizza game by making one of our vegetable pizzas gluten free! Try our Vegged Out pizza with chimichurri, roasted eggplant, roasted red pepper, artichoke heart, caramelized onion, black olives, mozzarella, and goat cheese with a gluten-free crust. The Popeye & Olive Oil pizza is another great option.

Don’t feel like you have to go vegetarian to enjoy our gluten-free crust! Our house-made fennel sausage, included on The Wolf pizza, is a great addition to our gluten-free crust.

In addition to providing a thin crust option, PW Pizza’s gluten-free crust gives you the added health benefits of eating gluten-free, all while enjoying a great slice of pizza! A gluten-free diet can be a great way to treat your stomach right.

What is it that gluten-free crust does for your digestive system? Eating gluten-free crust makes sure that any stomach issues arising from gluten do not take place. Some argue that it can reduce inflammation stating that gluten is known for triggering inflammation in any tissue of the body. Others argue that it helps them cut down on cravings.

Some people suffer from Celiac disease, an autoimmune digestive disease where when the sufferer ingests gluten, the body reacts by attacking the small intestine. While a very small percentage of the population suffers from Celiac, many believe that you can have insensitivity to gluten. This insensitivity can cause cramping, bloating, and other abdominal issues.

While the scientific community is still battling over the true effects of gluten on the human diet (however, they are in agreement with the effects of gluten on those with Celiac disease), some people just enjoy eating gluten-free crust! And PW Pizza is known for having one of the best gluten-free crusts in St. Louis!

(We are sorry to say that, unfortunately, the gluten-free crust doesn’t apply to our calzones or meatball pizza.)

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